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A lot of people complain about the U.S. economy and the national debt but are never compelled to take action on solving these problems.  So I decided to develop this site so that you and I can become a part of the solution and not just another person complaining about the challenges we face.

Every time you use this site to search Amazon for products that you buy, I will receive a small referral fee from Amazon.  This won't cost you a penny more for the products you are buying.  I will take this money and donate it to pay down the national debt.  Depending on the success of this project, I may have to hold back some of the money to pay my own taxes since not all donations to the national debt may be tax deductible - as odd as that sounds.

You may be wondering why I decided that this money should be donated to paying down the national debt and not some other worthy cause. Quite simply, if we can pay down the national debt this helps every single citizen, business, and non-profit in the country.

So please, use this site as your first stop to search Amazon for products that you want to buy (more shopping sites and features are planned!).  I would appreciate it if you told your friends to use this site and used the buttons below to spread the word on social networks.  Also, if you know any journalists ask them to do a story about  More users on this site means more referral fees that I can donate to pay down the national debt.

If you want to keep up with the progress of the site, sign up for the monthly newsletter and you'll know how much money we're donating each month.


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